Welcome to the CARARE Pro. Here you can access the tools and materials developed during the course of the CARARE project, a Best Practice Network funded under the European Commission’s ICT Policy Support Programme and ran from 1 February 2010 until 31 January 2013. It was designed to involve and support Europe's network of heritage agencies and organisations, archaeological museums and research institutions and specialist digital archives in:

  • making the digital content for the archaeology and architectural heritage that they hold available through Europeana,
  • aggregating content and delivering services,
  • and enabling access to 3D and Virtual Reality content through Europeana.

The CARARE network represents an on-going collaboration of partners previously involved in the CARARE project, along with other organisations, funded by the Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI), through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Trans-European Telecommunications Networks Work Programme.

The CARARE network aims to support and involve its members in:

  • making the digital content for the archaeology and architecture heritage that they hold available online for education, research, public enjoyment and to support tourism andother uses; and
  • making their digital content available to the users of Europeana by providing aggregation services.

The network offers its members access to expertise, technical support and advice.

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