CARARE supports the harvesting of metadata for content relating to archaeology and architecture from providers across Europe and provides it to Europeana.

To support this activity CARARE:

  • maintains a metadata schema to support the harvesting and aggregation of content for Europeana;
  • makes available MINT to support metadata mapping;
  • makes available MORE to support metadata harvesting, enrichment and publication to Europeana;

This section of the wiki provides access to documentation, guidelines and links to the tools which make up the CARARE aggregation service.

The MINT service is a web based platform designed to support metadata mapping and ingestion for cultural heritage content and metadata in Europe, which is developed by the National Technical University of Athens.

MINT has been deployed for CARARE to help support institutions with archaeological and architectural content to prepare their metadata for harvesting and aggregation. The functions of the service include:

  • Register users
  • Create and manage users and organisations
  • Import metadata using one of the following options: Xml, CSV, HTTP, FTP, OAI-PMH.
  • Analysis of the imported metadata - elements, usage
  • Create mapping to the CARARE metadata schema
  • Transform metadata to CARARE schema format
  • Preview metadata in CARARE and Europeana formats
  • Publish metadata to the CARARE MORE repository

MINT Documentation

The CARARE Monument Repository (MORE) provides a store for the metadata aggregated from CARARE content providers and offers services including the delivery of content to Europeana.

The MORE repository holds the CARARE content providers’ metadata and performs a number of functions.

Metadata is received from the CARARE MINT service or directly from partners who have enabled an OAI-PMH export in CARARE schema format. The metadata is then ingested into the repository where data enrichment and reporting services are offered. The metadata is transformed into Europeana format (currently to EDM) and made available for harvesting by Europeana via an OAI-PHM target.

MORE Repository

The workflows present in the CARARE system cover the flow of information from the content providers’ native repositories (in their native schemas) to Europeana (EDM) via the CARARE aggregation service.

The full workflow of the CARARE system has been documented. It is supported by two applications, the MINT service and the MORE repository, and is composed of four distinct components: the MINT mapping and ingestion preparation workflow, the MORE publishing workflow, the MORE repository functions workflow, and the Europeana harvesting workflow. The complete CARARE metadata workflow can be summarised as follows:

Case 1: If content providers expose their content to the MINT tool.

  • The MINT tool harvests the content, uses the provider's mappings to transform the content (converts it into CARARE records) and packages it using the SIP format.
  • The MORE repository harvests the SIP package and ingests its content into the repository.
  • The MORE repository makes the necessary transformations (converts the CARARE records to EDM) and exposes them to the Europeana harvester.

Case 2: If content providers expose their content directly in the CARARE schema through OAI.

  • The CARARE repository can harvest the CARARE records directly making all necessary transformations (into EDM) and exposes them to the Europeana harvester

The CARARE system architecture, composed of the MINT mapping and ingestion preparation tool, and the MORE monument repository, provides for an end-to-end workflow ensuring delivery of content providers’ metadata, originally provided in native XML records, to the Europeana harvester, in EDM format. It caters for the necessary transformations and provides quality assurance, monitoring and reporting facilities to ensure that the metadata is well-formed and complete.

D3.3.3_Documented_Workflow.pdf 640.13 kB

The content providers workflow is described in this step-by-step guide to how to prepare content and metadata for harvesting by CARARE and for Europeana.

Workflow Documentation

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