Training Materials

CARARE runs training workshops on a range of topics. This section provides access to training materials developed for the workshops.

The workshop covered:

  1. An introduction to metadata mapping in MINT
  2. The CARARE metadata schema
  3. Transformation of CARARE metadata to EDM
  4. Metadata aggregation in MORe
  5. Metadata quality issues
  6. Publishing data in Europeana

The CARARE training workshops covered:

  • Installing and configuring OAI-PMH repository software
  • Understanding Europeana metadata models and ”standards” such as ESE and EDM
  • Extracting local data into XML-files
  • Using the CARARE metadata ingestion and mapping tool to map local metadata schemas to the CARARE metadata schema
  • Using the CARARE repository


This training manual provides a guide on how to create effective 3D PDF files through conversion from other commonly used formats in cultural heritage applications, and includes the metadata needed to support access in Europeana.

3D Documentation

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