CARARE Project

The CARARE Best Practice Network was funded under the European Commission’s ICT Policy Support Programme and ran from 1 February 2010 until 31 January 2013. It was designed to involve and support Europe's network of heritage agencies and organisations, archaeological museums and research institutions and specialist digital archives in:

  • making the digital content for the archaeology and architectural heritage that they hold available through Europeana,
  • aggregating content and delivering services,
  • and enabling access to 3D and Virtual Reality content through Europeana.

CARARE was one of a suite of projects, funded by the European Commission to help develop Europeana. It played an important role in involving Europe's network of organisations responsible for investigating, protecting, informing and promoting unique archaeological monuments, architecturally important buildings, historic town centres and industrial monuments of World, European and National heritage importance alongside the existing national, regional and local content providers. Their involvement not only brought together a rich diversity of content about the archaeology and architectural heritage but also added 3D and Virtual Reality content to Europeana.

CARARE was co-ordinated by Kulturarvsstyrelsen with MDR Partners.

CARARE Project 2010 -2013 Documents

Details of all of the public deliverables (PU) resulting from the CARARE project. All of these documents are linked for viewing to Zenodo.

WP1: Project Management and Coordination

D1.8 CARARE Final Report

This report describes CARARE's activities and achievements over the 3 years of the project.


WP2: Preparing and Enabling

Metadata Schema

The Carare project defined a metadata schema to support the delivery of metadata to the CARARE service environment and to Europeana. Details of the schema can be found, together with details of the CARARE MINT service and MORE repository.

D2.3 Metadata Mappings

This deliverable reports on the results of Task 3 (Metadata and vocabularies) of WP2 (Preparing and enabling) concerning crosswalks for the CARARE metadata schema1. Its main objective is to provide the CARARE ingestion system with the information and technical specifications for the transformation of provider‟s metadata to the CARARE schema and, for the interoperability of the later with the Europeana repository and relevant standardized and widely used data models for digital cultural heritage. View information on Metadata Mapping

D2.4 Report and Recommendations on IPR

The Report and Recommendations on IPR looks at the IPR issues relating to the metadata in Europeana and the digital content itself. Other specific topics include data re-use, geospatial data and IPR in 3D/VR models.

D2.5 White paper on CARARE technical approach

This white paper a very readable and detailed description of the overall technical architecture of the CARARE project. This includes the system components, the processes and roles of the contributing partners.


WP3: Testing and Prototyping

D3.1 Tested harvesting and ingestion system

This deliverable describes in detail the testing of the CARARE harvesting and ingestion system. This system is comprised of two main components: a) the mapping tool (NTUA) and b) the CARARE repository (DCU).

D3.4 Briefing Paper on Metadata Mapping and the use of Mapping Tools

This deliverable reports on the design, development and deployment of the software services for the ingestion of cultural content metadata originated from providers that participate in the CARARE project.

D3.5 Europeana GIS services and archaeology/architecture site data

This report evaluates the use of the Europeana GIS services for the archaeology/architecture site data sector. These consist of the geo-parsing tool, gazetteer tool, map annotation tool and web mapping tool. The report also looks at the potential for enriching the place-name services in Europeana through monument inventory where geographic data is included.

D3.6 Report on CARARE aggregator: tools and services

This report provides an introduction to the tools and services that have been implemented to form the CARARE aggregator, and describes work that has been carried out within the work package 3 of CARARE.


WP4: Harvesting and Aggregating

D4.1 Live harvesting system for CARARE

This deliverable describes in detail the live harvesting system for the CARARE project, which allows content providers to provide their content to the CARARE system using a methodology which will allow for regular automated harvests. There are two main components:
a) The CARARE metadata mapping and ingestion system and
b) The CARARE repository.

D4.5 Training Workshops Report

This report provides a good overview of the technologies and process used to map and upload metadata into the CARARE repository for ingestion into Europeana.

D4.7 Report on the map enhancement to the CARARE website

CARARE developed a map-based search interface based on the Europeana API and geo data from the CARARE repository.


WP5: 3D and Virtual Reality

D5.1 Functional specification of requirements for preparing 3D/VR for Europeana

This project deliverable describes how to publish 3D/VR content in the PDF format for uploading to Europeana.

D5.4 3D Training Materials

This training manual provides a guide on how to create effective 3D PDF files through conversion from other commonly used formats in cultural heritage applications. See below

D5.5 Three Documented 3D/VR Case Studies

View case studies in the 3D and Virtual Reality section of this wiki.

  • Case Study 1: The Iberians
  • Case Study 2: The Civil Forum of Pompeii
  • Case Study 3: The Prehistory of Malta's Cultural Heritage
  • Case Study 4: The Hellenistic-Roman Theatre of Paphos (Additional case study not included in the report)

WP6: Dissemination

D6.4 CARARE International Conference Workshop - 2010

CARARE organised a workshop about Metadata for 3D at the VAST conference, which was held in Paris from 21-24 September 2010.

D6.5 CARARE International Conference Workshop - 2011

CARARE organised a workshop at the DISH (Digital Strategies for Heritage) Conference in Rotterdam on the 6-9 December 2011.

D6.6 CARARE International Conference Workshop - 2012

CARARE organised an international technical workshop which was held on the island of Mykonos, Greece in May 2012. This report describes the workshop and the field trip to the nearby archaeological site of Delos.

D6.7 Report on the CARARE Final Conference

CARARE hosted a highly successful conference at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen in November 2012, this report describes the event and the proceedings.

D6.8 Report on the CARARE National Workshops

CARARE partners organised a series of national workshops during year 3 of the project. Download the full report or read the individual country reports.

D6.9 Report on the CARARE Network and Community

The participants in the CARARE project established a strong community over the three years of working together, building up a close network of pan-European colleagues and friends both socially and professionally.


WP7: Sustainability

D7.3 Analytic Report on Sustainability and Recommended Business Case

This report draws together work which was carried out in CARARE work packages 5 and 7 and is structured into three main themes that cover a review of sustainability models, the results of the CARARE stakeholder survey on sustainability and the investigation of potential business opportunities relating to 3D Cultural Heritage content.