2021 content highlights

Publishing in EUROPEANA through CARARE in 2021 - some highlights from the collections

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The Lady of Galera - ADD4D

This small sculpture, made of alabaster, is considered a divinity of oriental origin linked to fertility rites, Astarte, and which dates to the 7th century BC.

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Vase with mini – pots.jpeg

Vase with mini – pots - The Cyprus Institute

Picture of a vase with twelve mini – pots and seven birds added to the body. The object is part of the Cyprus Folk Art Museum collection.

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Prešeren square, Ljubljana - The Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (UIRS)

The square with Prešeren's monument, the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation and the Urbanc department store .

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Dekadrachm of Syracuse.jpg

Dekadrachm of Syracuse (one of the thirty pieces of silver) - The Hunt Museum

A pendant made from a silver coin, the dekadrachm (ten-dramchma) of Syracuse, set in a gold mount with a suspension loop. The front face shows a female head surrounded by four dolphins, possibly Arethusa or Persephone. The reverse shows a chariot pulled by four horses and a charioteer.

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León cathedral.jpg

León cathedral - Paul M.R. Maeyaert

Image of the León cathedral captured by Paul M.R. Maeyaert who made it available in Europeana.

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Nymburk walls.jpg

Nymburk - Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences

The town of Nymburk, panorama of Nymburk walls.

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1735 Emanuel Büchel.jpeg

Emanuel Büchel, main street to the east (1735) - Switzerland Archäologie und Museum Baselland

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Iberian cemetery of Estacar de Luciano.jpeg

Iberian cemetery of Estacar de Luciano, Cástulo (Linares, Jaén, Spain) - Research Institute for Iberian Archaeology (University of Jaén, Spain)

Findings from the excavations in Estacar de Luciano (1975 and 1977).

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medieval badge.jpg

Medieval badge - Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)

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Skara Brae.jpg

Panoramic Photography of link path 8, Skara Brae - CMC Associates

Skara Brae is an archaeological site with exceptionally well preserved remains that show the stone built furniture and internal structure of ten Neolithic houses and their narrow connecting passageways.

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