2022 content highlights

Here are some highlights from the content we published in EUROPEANA in 2022


Porcelain Ewer or Jug in the form of a woman - Hunt Museum

3D model of a porcelain jug in the form of a Chinese woman, the arms forming the handle and spout. The head is separate sitting into an opening in the neck and acting as a stopper. Qing dynasty.

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Photograph (slide), The Ergolz Bridge, C. Moning -

Bridge over the Ergolz River, Switzerland.

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Aardewerk pot uit graf G030 - Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed

Part of RCE's Archeologie collection

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The Stožec chapel.jpeg

The Stožec chapel - The National Heritage Institute, Czech Republic

The pilgrimage Chapel of Virgin Mary also known as the Stožec Chapel, view from SE.

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Bailiff's House.jpeg

Bailiff's House - Archaeology Data Service

Timber framed bailiff's house in Worcestershire.

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Shabti of Ramose.PNG

Shabti of Ramose - Fitzwilliam Museum

A wooden shabti of the Nineteenth Dynasty; New Kingdom of Egypt. It is painted white with details in red, black and yellow, for Ramose and is 18.7cm tall.

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Signet ring of Arégonde.PNG

Signet ring of Arégonde - Musée d'Archéologie nationale, domaine national de Saint-Germain-en-Laye

6th century gold signet ring of Queen Arégonde. The inscription ARNEGUNDIS is surrounding the monogram REGINE (queen).

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Leather shoe.PNG

Leather shoe - University of Turku

The leather shoe has been found in the archaeological excavations of the grounds of Åbo Akademi University.

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Sant Roc Ternils.PNG

Hermitage of Sant Roc Ternils, Carcaixent, Valencia - AD&D 4D

Hermitage built during the 13th century following the Christian conquest. First Christian church installed in the orchard of Carcaixent. After the depopulation and relocation of the parish to Carcaixent in 1573, the church was reduced to the hermitage.

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Recreational boat.PNG

Recreational boat for castle lake - 17th century - Visual Dimension bvba

This boat was used by castle inhabitants and visitors to make recreational tours on the lake surrounding the castle. It provides protection against the sun, as it was common in those times to avoid any tanning. The long stick is used both for punting and mooring the boat.

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The Gallien amphitheater.PNG

3d models of the Gallien amphitheater - Archeovision

Located just outside the city centre, the Palais Galien constitutes the most ancient Gallo-Roman vestige in Bordeaux.

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