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CARARE - Diversity review 2022.pdf

Report: Diversity and Inclusion in Archaeology

This report shares the results of a review by Kate Fernie of diversity and inclusion in archaeology from representation in the profession to the way archaeologists make sense of the evidence, how countries decide which heritage to preserve and how the discipline is becoming more inclusive.

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Case Study - Hunt Museum.pdf

Case study: Digitisation, Education and Engagement at the Hunt Museum

This case study shares insights from the Hunt Museum of their experience of digitising items from their collections in 3D and re-using the results in their education and other programmes designed to engage visitors.

Sian McInerney, Hunt Museum

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Case Study - Using 3D Reconstruction and Storytelling.pdf

Case study: Using 3D reconstruction and storytelling to bring the past to life

This case study shares insights from a long-running project at Ename in Belgium on how to realise the full potential of using 3D digitisation of historic buildings, monuments, sites and collections for tourism, education and exploration.

Daniel Pletinckx, Visual Dimension and Kate Fernie, CARARE

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Archaeology and Intellectual Property Rights

Archaeology and Intellectual Property Rights

This report aims to set out the complexities surrounding the use and re-use of archaeological data with regard to IPR, and provide best practice guidance on managing rights for archaeological content supplied to Europeana.

Dr. Holly Wright, Dr. Katie Green: Archaeology Data Service (ADS); Dr. Felix F. Schäfer: Deutsches Archaologisches Institut (DAI); Drs. Hella Hollander, Drs. Heiko Tjalsm: Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie Van Wetenschappen - Data Archiving and Networked Services (KNAW DANS)

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Papers given at conferences, publications in journals, etc.


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